Master’s Students of Macroeconomic Analysis Specialty Visited Armenian Securities Exchange

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On March 4, Karen Grigoryan, the Chair of Macroeconomics, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, initiated instructional visit to Armenian Securities Exchange for Master’s degree 1st year students of macroeconomic analysis.

“We have applied to Armenian Securities Exchange staff to get acquainted with the peculiarities of one of the main macroeconomic major markets- financial market and financial institutions, aimed at enriching the knowledge gained through the training with practical skills and capabilities. They agreed to provide ASUE students with high quality specialists and educational materials. The seminar was multifaceted and full of information, it was conducted by Hasmik Salnazaryan, the Head of Listing Department, who is also ASUE alumni. She answered the students’ question”; Karen Grigoryan submitted detailed information on the visit and added that such kind of seminars and instructional visits would be conducted regularly.

The Chair of Macroeconomics expresses gratitude to Armenian Securities Exchange Leadership for readiness and personally, Hasmik Salnazaryan for holding an interesting seminar.

Armenia Securities Exchange operates Armenia’s only securities exchange and also runs the Central Depository of Armenia, helping investors raise capital for 18 years, aimed at promoting an attractive business environment to engage local and international partners by developing and introducing business-friendly products and services across trading, clearing, settlement and pension administration.

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