MS Office Course Trainings for ASUE Students: Meeting with the Registered Students

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The 3rd and 4th year students of full-time Bachelor’s degree will attend MS Office free additional trainings since October 1. This is a new initiative of the University Leadership which will be continuous and will ensure the comprehensive development of the student.

Today, ahead the courses, ASUE acting Rector Diana Galoyan met the registered students, Vardan Sargsyan, Head of the Chair of Economic Computer Science and Information Systems, Lusine Danielyan, Director of ASUE Foreign Relations Department, Aghavni Hakobyan, Head of the Division of Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning Division and the collaborators to discuss content and organizational issues related to the course. In the welcoming remarks the University Head emphasize that the students were greatly interested in the course, and with such short-term programs the University Leadership tries to fill the gap of non-professional knowledge of the students.

Vardan Sargsyan touched upon the content of the course, noting that the trainings will be devoted to Word, Ecxel, Acsess programs, will be conducted in computer halls by ASUE Young Lecturers.

Aghavni Hakobyan clarified the organizational issues: the course includes 15 trainings of 1.5 hours, meetings will be held after the classes.

The acting Rector and the project organizers answered the students' questions and listened to their opinions and suggestions.

It is planned to organize trainings on other topics as well.

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