Research Center "Amberd" provided a new overview

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Research Center of Armenian State University of Economics "Amberd" presents the next overview of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD): "Connecting with immigrants: A Global Profile of Diasporas in 2015".

International migration has become a global problem, which occupies an important place in the agenda of the World. During 2013, international migration was in the center of world attention. In 2013, 232 million people, or 3.2 percent of the world population, were international migrants, up from 175 million in 2000 and 154 million in 1990.

Overview of "Connecting with the emigrants: A Global Profile of Diasporas in 2015" includes a wide range of statistics on migrants, not only for OECD member countries, but also for non-members of the organization, including the Migrants of the Republic of Armenia.

A complete overview can be found here.

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