Export diversification and growth incentives in researchers` proposals

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Today the last seminar of "RA export diversification and growth opportunities" research project took place at “Amberd” conference hall. The seminar was attended by the director of "Amberd” Research Center Samvel Avetisyan, representatives of ASUE scientific staff and students. The supervisor of the research group is Doctor of Sciences, Professor Zoya Tadevosyan. The members are Doctor of Sciences, Professor Samvel Avetisyan, Doctor of Sciences, associate professor Diana Galoyan, associate professors Knarik Vardanyan and Arsen Petrosyan, master’s student Larisa Baghdasaryan.

The issues were completed under the heading "Exporting Organizations` survey results, export promotion and diversification strategy provisions". The first speaker was Ph.D. Arsen Petrosyan who identified the results of surveys analyzing the barriers of export promotion. Continuing the theme, Larisa Baghdasaryan presented the results of the additional questionnaire and brought out 10 key conclusions.

Professor Zoya Tadevosyan made a final speech presenting proposals, which should serve as a basis for coordinated foreign trade policy and for satisfaction of exporter’s interests.

The speeches were followed by a lively discussion.

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