Students of International Studies are Skilled in Negotiating Art

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Today, Zoya  Tadevosyan, lecturer of “International Trade” course initiated  “Team Work” open lecture for the 4th year  students of International Economic Relations specialty, during which  the  students  demonstrated commercial negotiation skills.

One  of the two teams represented international organization of furniture and the  other  one was the timber manufacturer. In order to acquire partners, the parties were negotiating, introducing each other to their activities, trade circulation, financial and economic indicators, the consumption market, and so on. As a  result of successful  negotiation the teams signed  a cooperation agreement.

Zoya  Tadevosyan  stated  that within the frames of the course, students  acquire practical knowledge - how to find partners and fulfill foreign trade transactions, in which both direct and mediated relations are important, techniques for concluding and fulfilling transactions, concluding contracts and implementation of the provisions of the contract, including arbitration, credits, etc. At the  same  time the  economist-internationalists develop negotiating skills.

"International trade providers should be able to come up with the right style in the negotiation process, to identify their partner psychologically, to present their competitive advantages as much as possible. We  held such team games for fulfilling all this in practice”; stated Zoya  Tadevosyan adding that these practical trainings  are both effective  for strengthening knowledge  and interesting for  students.



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