New number of “Banber ASUE” scientific magazine has been published

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A new number of “Banber ASUE” scientific magazine has been published.

In this issue:

ASUE Rector, KORYUN ATOYAN: Institutional Basics of International Currency Reserves and Features of Their Management in the Present Stage.

THEORY OF ECONOMICS: VARDAN ARAMYAN - Economic Assessment of Armenia’s Joining the Eurasian Economic Union as Regional Integration, ARTSRUNI TOROSYAN - Incomes and Consumer Spendings Dynamics of the RA Population and the Poverty Level.

MACROECONOMICS: QNARIK VARDANYAN, GAYANE AVAGYAN - The Disposition of the Armenian Economy to the “Dutch Disease”, LUSINE MKHITARYAN - The Real Exchange Rate and Changes in Export and Import Structure of the Republic of Armenia. LIANA KARAPETYAN - Restructuring the Economy as a Priority Challenge to the Investment Policy.

MANAGEMENT: SUSANNA KARAPETYAN - Present Condition and Features of Tourism Development in the RА. HASMIK HARUTYUNYAN - The Role of Public Service in the System of Public Administration. KRISTINE SAHAKYAN, MARTIN HOVHANNISYAN - The Role of Tourism in the Increase of Competitiveness in the Economy of the Syunik Marz

MATHEMATICAL METHODS: HAYK SARGSYAN, ZHIRAYR MKHITARYAN - Evaluation of the Level of Constitutionalism with the Methods of Discrete Modelling and Cluster Analysis. YEVGENYA BAZINYAN - Investigation of the Relationship between Economic Activity Indicator and the Values Added in the Main Sectors of Economy.

POLITOLOGY: VARDAN ATOYAN, LILIT DADAYAN - Issues Related to the Security of Information and Communication Systems.

EDUCATION REFORMS: ARMEN TSHUGURYAN - Challenges in Post-Graduate Education Organization in Armenia.

MICROECONOMICS: QIANG HUANG - The “Silk Road” as a Favorable Factor for Armenian-Chinese Joint Venture.

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