52 out of 101 graduate students got diplomas of honor

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A group of honor graduate students of the Regulation of Economy and International Economic Relations department were getting their diplomas today. During this symbolic moment Dean Atom Margaryan accompanied the students, and urged to continue postgraduate studies. Ani Hunanyan, Araks Karapetyan, Tigran Elbakyan, Jan Hunanyan, Tatevik Khachatryan ..., students who all got diplomas of honor and have distinguished themselves in research works.

Being very busy, although Rector Koryun Atoyan was able to devote time to the students, who were getting diplomas wearing symbolic uniforms. The rector wished them all the best and took a photo with them.

During the conversation with ASUE Media and Public Relations Division Atom Margaryan told us that in master's degree there were a lot of students who got diplomas of honor.

"As in previous years, this year too master`s degree was quite effective. The most part of students had defended master's theses brilliantly and received a master's degree. 52 out of 101 graduates were awarded diplomas of Excellence", said Atom Margaryan, adding that, as experience showed, our graduate students were competitive, some of them have jobs even before the graduation.

We also talked to the graduates. They are proud to be graduates of ASUE.

"The feeling that this is the last time I entered the University as a student makes me feel both proud and sad. ASUE has given me lots: knowledge, education, friends, and ability to communicate.  Today I am leaving, but wait for me: I want to continue my studies in postgraduate degree", said Ani Hunanyan.

Good luck dear graduates, we wish you all the best.



ASUE Media and Public Relations Division.