Researches of ASUE members continue within cooperation between ASUE and State Scientific Commission

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ASUE scientific hall today hosted a seminar on “RA macroeconomic situation and prospects”, which was attended by ASUE Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs and External Relations Gagik Vardanyan, Head of the Scientific Division Khoren Mkhitaryan, dean of the department of Regulation of Economy and International Economic Relations Atom Margaryan, representatives of ASUE scientific staff and students.

Representatives of macroeconomics chair are carrying out a survey on “RA macroeconomic situation and prospects”, in the frames of cooperation between ASUE and State Scientific Commission. Today the chair came up with a report.

In his welcoming speech Gagik Vardanyan said that the research activities of the University are increasing, the practice of Commission-funded research is developing.

Scientific supervisor of the research, the head of macroeconomics chair, Professor Ishxan Tigranyan talked about the purpose, objectives of the work done. Post graduate student Lusine Muradyan reported on "Methods of Macroeconomic analysis”. She presented the assessment of sustainability factors, external factors causing instability, etc. Associate professor Gayane Avagyan came up with two speeches, "The analysis of RA export and import structure" and "New methodological approaches of public debt assessment”.

Associate professor Knarik Vardanyan focused on RA economy's tendency to "Dutch disease". Assistant professor Varsik Tigranyan referred to economic fluctuations in RA.

The presentations were followed by questions, comments and observations.

Concluding the seminar, Vice Rector noted that any research must be comprehensible to the public and have practical significance.



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