Students Get Acquainted with International Auditing Practices

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Today, Vahe Mikayelyan, Dean of the Department of Finance, initiated  a lecture for the 4th year  students of banking  and auditing specialty,  which was  delivered  by Marine Ghushchyan, Head of Internal Auditing  of ARC “Document Solutions INC”  American Company. The  interactive  meeting on “Auditing in Corporations and Banks” was held within the  frames  of "Corporate Finance" and "Financial Planning" courses. Introducing the  guest Vahe Mikayelyan  and Lusine Harutyunyan, lecturer of the mentioned course, Assistant Professor of the  Chair of Finance, PhD in Economics, noted  that the  additional  lecturers  are aimed at enriching students' practical knowledge and expressed hope that they serve the purpose.

Marine Ghushchyan, an international auditor with long-term working experience in the US, starting the  lecture, first touched upon the peculiarities, attractiveness of the auditing profession, the skills required for a competitive auditor, and then clarified a number of issues related to the internal auditing process in corporations and banks.

The auditor was discussing professional issues and in parallel speaking about the nuances of working in the American company, which made the meeting even more interesting to students.

Vahe Mikayelyan told us that taking into account the effectiveness of such events and students' interest, the lectures by experienced specialists will be ongoing at our University.

Marine Ghushchyan is Doctor of Sciences, Professor Hamaz Ghushchyan's /former Chair of Macroeconomics, 1991-2008/ daughter.


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