ASUE Representatives Visited Goris State University

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On November 22-25, ASUE representatives – Nerses Gevorgyan, Head  of Quality Assurance Division, Maria Petrosyan and Ani Baghdasaryan, Leading Specialists  of the  mentioned Division, visited Goris State University within the  frames of Tempus program of EU “Enhancing Students Participation in Quality Assurance in Armenian HE” (ESPAQ, №544261-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-BE-TEMPUS-SMGR). 

The visit aimed to introduce the ESPAQ program and the done work and achievements, as well as to hold a workshop for students and University staff, to present and discuss external and internal quality assurance systems and processes, and expand student participation in quality assurance processes.

Employees  of Quality Assurance Division of the program partner University - National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia, also attended the  workshop  and informative meetings.

As the previous ones, this informational meeting also aimed  at  informing  about  the done work and achievements within the frames of the ESPAQ project, according to the working packages the content of the program and the done work, the main outcomes, which are applicable to the expansion of students' participation in quality assurance processes  were presented.

Particularly, a series of trainings were conducted within the frames of the fourth working package “Simulations of Quality Assurance Expertise” coordinated by ASUE, visits of students of Armenian partner Universities were  conducted  to EU  partner Universities: Italy, Romania and Spain, during which the students had the opportunity to get acquainted with the systems and processes of internal quality assurance of Universities, as well as the peculiarities of external systems of education quality assurance in that country.

Additionally, this package includes a series of trainings and workshops for student-experts aimed at acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary for the analysis and evaluation of internal quality assurance systems.

The second part of the working package was related to the participation of students in the external quality assurance system, the experience of institutional accreditation process, and the necessity and possibilities of students participation in it.

P.S. ESPAQ is a three-year-project, aimed at engaging the students into processes of quality assurance (QA) of Armenian Universities. More information is  available

The  information and photos  are  submitted by ASUE Quality Assurance Division.

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