Koryun Atoyan’s Speech on ASUE 27th Conference

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Dear Friends,

We present Koryun Atoyan’s speech on opening ceremony of ASUE 27th conference on “Development of Economy and Society: 21st  Century Challenges and Opportunities”.

Dear guests,

Dear  attendees of the conference,

I congratulate everybody on the  opening of the 27th conference of  Armenian State University of Economics  and want to thank the  attendees interested in urgent issues on economy and society development.

The annual conferences of our University have become a beautiful tradition, but I am happy to note that in addition to them, there are other formats reflecting our University's scientific activity. I am proud to note, that my vision of becoming a research University and having professional participation in the economic life of our country is gradually being implemented.

The activities of “AMBERD” Research Center today give significant outcomes: both research on current economic issues of the Republic is  being  carried  out  here and the staff of the center with the representatives of the teaching staff of the University, act as experts in the nationwide  discussions.

Before holding the  annual conference our Chairs gave scientific seminars presenting topics in the core of their study.  The launch of scientific research laboratories since this academic year  is a wonderful continuation of our approach aimed  at introducing scientific grants, activating scientific-educational groups and scientific-research life at the University.

I hope the conference, with its departments and round tables, will give professionals the opportunity to present their approaches, to cover the theme reflected in the topic of the conference, with all its layers and nuances. So, I wish you fruitful and lively work.

Thank you for your attention.

Koryun ATOYAN, ASUE Rector, Professor

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