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Annual “ASUE  Cup”  interuniversity  intellectual  contest festival,  which is  initiated  by Student  Council  of  Armenian State  University  of  Economics,  was  devoted  to  the 20th  anniversary  of  ASUE  SC  this  year.

The  contest  was  held  yesterday, on October 15,  at Armenia Youth Foundation Youth Center.

14  teams  of  state  and  non-state Armenian  Universities  participated  in  “ASUE  Cup 2014”,  which competed  within the  framework  of  “What?, Where?, When?” intellectual game.

The  senior  of “Index PRO” scholars team,  Harutyun  Arzumanyan,  told  ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division that 2  teams  of  Armenian State  University  of  Economics: “Index PRO” and “НАР-ХОЗ”  participated  in  it.

The  game  was conducted by Chairman of  National Association of Scholars, Tigran  Kocharyan,  ASUE representatives  welcomed  the  participants.

Here  are  the winning  teams:

the 1st  one-Yerevan State  Medical  University, 24 points,

the  2nd one-Armenian-Russian (Slavonic) University, 22 points,

the 3rd one-Armenian State  University  of  Economics, 19 points.

We  congratulate  prize  winner  teams.

ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division

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