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Today, a regular seminar  entitled  “The Issues of Business Morality and Social Responsibility in the RA”  was  held within the  framework  of  research topics of  “AMBERD” Research Center, Armenian State  University  of Economics.

The  seminar  was  attended  by Director  of  “AMBERD”  Research Center, Samvel  Avetisyan, directors of  research  directions,   collaborators, members of  research group  of  the  mentioned topic.

Director  of  the  group, Head of  the  Chair  of  Philosophy and Armenian History, Doctor  of  Philosophy, Professor, Aram Sargsyan,  presented  the  topic,  duration of the  conducted  work,  noting that the  research  aimed  to evaluate   the  significance of business  ethics  and social responsibility in the RA business environment,  to  state the  interconnection  between business, ethics  and social responsibility  and the  significance  of  ensuring the effective operation of the business and moral norms of the society  and  assumption  of  social  responsibility in  front of society and the state.

A  member  of  the  group, Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor, Sargis Hayrapetyan, spoke  about morality, business perceptions of our  society,  then presented the businessman, in particular,  social and moral character of  Armenian businessman, pointing out  his  behavioral  rules.

Discussion  was  held  around  the  mentioned topic, the collaborators  of  “AMBERD” asked  questions.

At the  end of  the  seminar Samvel  Avetisyan  called  the  members  of the  research  group  to compare practical (constructive suggestions) and theoretical parts  of  the  topic  and  wished  effective  working  process.

P.S. Members of Research Group:

Surik Sargsyan,Doctor in Philosophy, Associate Professor

Sargis Hayrapetyan, Candidate in Philosophy, Associate Professor

Yuri Hovakanyan,  Candidate in Philosophy, Associate Professor

Sofya Ohanyan, Candidate in Philosophy, Associate Professor

Marieta Nikoghosyan, Candidate in Philosophy, Assistant Professor

Arpine Malqjyan,  Senior  Assistant  at  the  Chair  of Philosophy and Armenian History  at ASUE



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