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Dear ASUE members,

ASUE Rector, Professor  Koryun Atoyan congratulated Knowledge  Day:

Dear  students,  first  year  ones,

Welcome  to Armenian State  University  of  Economics.

I  congratulate  You  on Knowledge  Day, for  a  high  title  of  student, I  wish  You an  effective learning  process,  memorable student life.

Dear  students, Armenian State  University  of  Economics  starts  a  new  academic  year  with  a  number  of  wonderful news: new approaches aimed at creating comfortable learning environment and improving the quality of education.

Dear  first  year  students,

Your older  friends, who have  been  admitted  to  our  University,  will  ensure that  You have  been  admitted  to an  University, where  reforms  are  being  implemented over a  few years under “We  are  changing”  slogan.  I  hope  that after familiarizing the  University, You’ll realize that You  have  made the right choice.  Armenian State  University  of  Economics is  being  repaired continuously: corresponding with current requirements of  higher education institution. Various programs and projects  are  being  implemented here: continuously  new auditoriums  are  being reconstructed  for  effective  learning process,  the  University  is becoming  more  technically equipped,  “AMBERD” Research  Center  is  a  wonderful  opportunity  and  perspective  for  the  students,  interested  in science  and research  work, obtainable  conditions for  students’ accommodation, University  canteen,  summer vocations are  being  created,  various  social projects  are  being  implemented.  

Our  University  pays   great  attention  to  our  graduates’ career: practical steps in this direction we  have undertaken: we  have  signed  relevant contracts  with a  number  of  employers.

Dear  students,

I  am  sure,  You  will  pass memorable years of Your life  in  our  University, therefore  I  call  You to  an open  and constructive cooperation aimed  at development  of learning process  at  our  University, improvement of quality of  education, for the benefit of our beloved institution and Your better future.

University  Administration  is  ready and willing to listen and discuss all the issues that concern You. I  hope that  due  to  our joint  efforts we  will  increase  both the quality of education  and the  environment, where  we  study,  work  and  create.

I  congratulate  You  once  again  and wish You an unforgettable University years.


ASUE Rector, Professor

Koryun  Atoyan