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Armenian State  University  of  Economics finished the  admission (main stage) of full-time  Bachelor Degree Program for  the 2014-2015  academic  year  on June 1  at 18:00.  The  results  of  the process  were  summarized on the  same  day  headed  by Koryun Atoyan, ASUE  Rector, Professor,  Chairman of ASUE  Admission Committee. 

According to  the  summarized  results  1484  applicants   have  been registered  for  930 paid  and  free places.

Koryun Atoyan  considered  it  to  be  a  good result. “Although, in general, the  number  of  applicant  was  degraded this  year,  but  the  picture  of  the  results  of admission process   at  our  University is encouraging.  This  means that  our  University  goes  on to  be  a  demanded  one  and  maintain its high reputation”; said  Koryun Atoyan in the  interview with ASUE  Media  and Public Relations Division.

Note, that  the admission process  launched  on May 5. The  Admission  Committee worked every  day at 9:00-18:00, except  May 9, 10, 11. Mary Badalyan,  Executive  Secretary of  ASUE  Admission Committee, informed  about  it,  noting  that all specialties  has applicants,  and  there  would be  a  contest  for  a  number  of  specialties.

Note, that the  number  of  applicants  according to  specialties is  posted on the  Admission Committee’s show window (Department of  Finance).

The admission   for “special”  applicants: the RA dual citizen  and  foreigners, the  RA  citizens  graduated from foreign  Universities  in 2014, demobilized applicants in spring, 2014,  graduates  of pre-vocational and vocational education  in 2014, will be  conducted from  June 25  to  July 2  at 18:00.

The  admission of  full-time  Master  Degree  Program  started  today  and  for  more  information  visit

The  admission of  part-time  Bachelor  and  Master  Degree  Programs will  be  organized  soon.

Good  luck  to all  applicants.


ASUE  Media  and  Public  Relations  Division 

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