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Considering  the  importance of  increasing competitiveness   of  Armenian tourism  services  in international  market, continuous increase  of  tourism flows to Armenia, as well as balanced regional economic development,  “National Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship”   state  non-commercial  organization  of the  RA  Ministry of   Economy  organized a seminar-presentation  entitled “Innovative Approaches  to  Tourism  Development”  on May 30, 2014.

Two  reports  were  planned to be presented  within  the framework  of  the  topic  and  Gayane  Tovmasyan,  PhD  of  the  Chair  of  Management  at ASUE,   lecturer  at  the  Chair  of Management  at  Eurasia International University, was one  of the  speakers,  her  report  was  devoted  to analysis of the problems and prospects of development of  resort  tourism, as well as the  main innovative ways  and approaches  of the  latter’s  development.

Representatives  of  business  sector, travel agencies, as well as  state  authorities, Universities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs)  and  other  interested  people attended  the  measure.

G. Tovmasyan presented tourism as a social-economic system, spoke  about  the  essence  of   resort  tourism, the  resources  of resort  tourism  in the  RA,  the  current  conditions, presented the  results  of marketing, sociological research conducted  herself,  SWOT analysis of resort  tourism development, and made innovative proposals  of  resort  tourism development.

Gayane Tovmasyan  informed  ASUE  Media and  Public  Relations  Division  about  this  and  mentioned; “This measure  allowed  to identify  opportunities, perspectives and innovative approaches and ways of  two  types  of  the  RA  tourism: resort  and  rural one. I am  very  glad to  have  an opportunity  to  present the  results  of the  research of  this field,  on  which  I  have published  15 scientific articles in local and international scientific journals  and  presented  reports in more  than 10 conferences /also in abroad/. Heated discussions  was  held  during the  meeting. I believe that such measures can contribute to the development of  various economic sectors in the  RA,  as new  approaches are  being  raised  in result  of  discussions,  analysis, the  effective  usage  of  which will  help  to  solve the  current problems  and  to form  strategic development plans”.

G. Tovmasyan  also  mentioned  that  the  participants were  greatly  interested  in her  report  and  the  organizers    invited  her  to  present  reports in “National Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship”  state  non-commercial  organization.  By the  way,  the  PhD  of  the  Chair  of  Management  at  ASUE   had  previously participated  in measures  conducted  by “National Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship”   state  non-commercial  organization, as well as  acted  as  a  speaker  on “Transformation  of  Library  System  According to Society Requirements” topic.

ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division 

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