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At the  beginning of  today’s Rectorate  Board session  ASUE  Rector, Professor Koryun Atoyan  informed that Lyova  Samvelyan, lecturer  at  the  Chair  of  Physical Training, First Aid and Civil Defense, Candidate  of  Pedagogic, Professor, was  awarded  the honorary title of  honored worker  of  physical  culture  and  sports  in the RA  by the decree  signed  by  the  RA  President  Serzh  Sargsyan.  The  Rector  presented that  Lyova Samvelyan  was  awarded  with  gold  medal  and  certificate.

“I congratulate you on this high award. This  is a  great honor, I  wish  You further fruitful  work: the glory of our country, our people”; said  Koryun Atoyan.

After  this ceremony the  Rectorate  Board  passed  to  the  agenda  issues.  The  Deans  of  the Departments   presented  the  results  of  the  retaken  exams  of the  students  having  till 12  credits, as well as   final  certification process of  Bachelor  and  Master  Degree  Programs.                                                                                                                         

Armen Karakhanyan, Head of  Educational  Division,  reported  about preparation  work  of examination process  of  the 2013-2014 academic  year’s  2nd semester, noting that  the  examination process  began  today.

Armen Karakhanyan assured  that all  problems  regarding examination process  were  solved. He  also  referred to  the  issue regarding  courses  and  exam dates of the 1st  semester of  part-time  Bachelor  and  Master  Degree  Programs  of  the 2014-2015 academic  year. The  Head of  the  Division mentioned  that  the schedules  were  prepared  in a  result of  discussion with the Vice-Rectors  and Deans  of  the  Departments, and  the  latter  were presented  to the  Rectorat  Board’s  approval.  The  schedule  will  be  posted  in ASUE  official  website  soon.

Among the current issues  Koryun Atoyan draw attention to several issues, particularly students attendance, tuition fees, the graduation  process.

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