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Open lesson entitled “Chocolate  Market Research”   was  conducted  today  at the 3rd year  students of  Marketing  specialty,  initiated   by   Marine  Nioghosyan, lecturer, Candidate  in Economics, Associate  Professor.   Lecturer  of  the  Chair  of  Marketing  attended  the  lesson.       

The  speakers  of  the  lesson, researchers:  Zhenya  Baghdasatyan, Mariam Tumanyan and  Gor Harutyunyan,  presented  their  research   regarding   chocolate  market,  spoke  about the  history  of  the  chocolate, the  World  leading  companies  producing  chocolate, their  branches (all over the  world), the  types,  consumption volume and  etc.     

Interesting  information regarding “Nestle”, “Roshen”  and   other  World  companies  was  presented,  special reference to production of domestic “Grand Candy” company  was  done, in particular, product assortment of chocolate.

Students also have  conducted social surveys to  find  out what  kind  of  chocolate  people  prefer  to, what circumstances (taste, odor, appearance, packaging, quality, price) they  pay  attention to, who are the main consumers of chocolate (age, gender), and so on.

Marine  Nikoghosyan expressed  gratitude and  mentioned  that the  students  presented a  part  of   their  research,  while  they  had  conducted quite comprehensive analyzes.                                                                                     

In the  interview  with ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division the  lecturer  said  that  such research   and  lessons  should  be  continued.


ASUE  Media  and Public Relations  Division 

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