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A meeting between graduate year   students  of marketing specialty  and representatives of “Rich Electronics”  company  was  conducted today at ASUE  Conference Hall.

Note, that the  meeting  was  jointly  conducted  by “Rich Electronics”  company  and ASUE  Career  and  Marketing  Center.   The  meeting  aimed  to  choose appropriate personnel  to replenish the  company’s marketing  team.

The  representatives  of the  mentioned company  presented the company’s activity  and  details regarding  replenishment  of  marketing  team.  The  latter  informed  that  their  company highlighted  the  fact  of  having collective  and  united working team.  Explaining the purpose of the meeting, he said that they’re looking for smart, creative, young  marketing  managers with unique and fresh ideas, ability to work in a team.

The  students made  inquiries and  proposals. They  filled  in blanks noting personal data (e-mail,  phone  number, etc.). Graduate year students emphasized the importance  of  the given job opportunity  without  working experience.  Concluding the meeting the  employer said  that  they would  contact    with the  students  and  inform about  further  cooperation.


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