Narek Karapetyan: the First Steps are More Than Encouraging

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Narek Karapetyan is 1st year  student of Master’s degree of macroeconomic analysis specialty  of  the  Department of Regulation of Economy and International Economic Rеlations. Bachelor's degree education is macroeconomic policy and forecasting specialty of  the same Department. Currently, she works as an economist at the Department of Macroeconomic Policy of the RA Ministry of Finance.

From October 23 to November 3, he  was on a business trip in Joint Vienna Institute (JVI), Austria, which is one of the International Monetary Fund's infrastructure and offers training courses for government officials in developing economies. He attended a two-week-training course on “Financial Sector Policy”  and was  awarded a  certificate. This fact served as a reason to present the successful story of Narek's education and work, in which a smart, knowledgeable, consistent and perspective young man emerged.

Narek notes that Vienna's training provided an opportunity to attend lectures and participate in practical work by studying a specific country experience and presenting recommendations.

And this is not all: Narek is also an expert of the Financial Markets and Institutions program at ASUE "AMBERD" Research Center, moreover, he has been involved in research since the Bachelor's degree.

"I like my profession, I like the work of a financier, I participate in research projects with love, I want to continue my postgraduate studies and I am glad that my profession, my job, my research field are all interconnected and complementary to each other”; stated  Narek.

And we want him to be zealous, diligent, and fulfilling all the initiatives, as well as increase our faith and pride, as the first professional steps are more than encouraging.

ASUE Media and Public Relations Division 

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