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Presentation of  another project was held at  ASUE  Conference  Hall  today: ASUE electronic  library  was  presented. Koryun Atoyan, Rector,  Gagik  Vardanyan, Paruir  Kalantaryan, Vice-Rectors, Deans  of  the  Departments, Heads  of  the  Chairs,  lecturers, employees attended  the  measure.

Armine  Hovhannisyan, the  Library  Director,  presented the  project  of  digitalizing the  University  library, mentioning  that  the book fund  was  being  digitalized  by popular “Koha” program, presented  its  main  features  and  opportunities: that is protecting  book  fund, increasing access to book fund, supplementing book  fund  by  alternative  version, an opportunity to integrate the modern public library,  memberships to library consortium, corresponding  to requirements  of  modern  scientific universities, gradual transition to electronic version of service.  The  Director  of  Library  mentioned that  the library  fund  was being  digitalized  by  the  following priority: educational  fund, then limited number of books, non-book fund, non-book publication  and  in the  end the complete digitization of the book fund. One  of  the  main  features  is  that  unique books are available to students. She  also  mentioned  that the  electronic  library  was  available  in the  University  area,  all rights are preserved.  “The  program enables to automate service work: serving the  reader by electronic orders”; mentioned  the  Director.

The  modern equipment by  which  the digitization  of books  are  carried  out was  also  presented.  Aida Sargsyan, Lusine Khachatryan, Margarita Hovsepyan, YSU  employees,  supported the  work  by  “Koha”  program. They presented the  rules of  using the  program  and  answered  the participants’ questions.

Gagik  Vardanyan, the  Vice-Rector  of  Science  and  International  Relations, highlighted the role and importance  of the  library,  mentioning  that it’s  not  only book  storage, but  also an important way of sharing knowledge. The  Vice-Rector outlined  that the  Heads  of  the  Chairs  should  also support the  correct  formation of professional base of  book fund.

Koryun Atoyan, Rector, mentioned  that ASUE Library had  a  lot  to  do with  its form,  content  and  service  quality  to  become the  best  among the University libraries in Armenia, then  expressed  hope  that the  first  step  had  already done: the  base  of  creating  electronic  library  was  put.

He  expressed  gratitude to  the  Library  Director  and  YSU  colleagues and  expressed  hope  that the  process would end successfully  and  another component  would contribute  to increasing education  quality.

Dear students, respectable colleagues,

you  can  visit ASUE  electronic library by  the  following  linksէջեր-220//գրադարան-1502,

We  want  to  underline  that the  system has  been  operated  recently,  the  process  is  going  on, corrections  will  be  done  soon,  but  we  hope  that  the  regular  project  will support  you  in academic  and  scientific process. Apply to ASUE Library Administration for  more  information.


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