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A  meeting with ASUE Faculty  staff  and Peter Nijkamp, a professor in regional and  urban economics  and  in economic geography at the VU University, Amsterdam,  the  past president  of  the European Regional Science Association and of  the Regional Science Association International, was  conducted  at  ASUE Center for  International Programs  today.  He  visited  Armenia through Armenian representation of  Regional Science Association International  and funded  by “Gulbenkian Foundation”.  A discussion  entitled “Migration Impact Assessment: New Horizons”  was conducted  during  the meeting. ASUE Vice-Rector  of  Science  and  International  Relations Gagik  Vardanyan, ASUE lecturers, collaborators, representatives  of  Regional Science Association International    participated  in it.

Gagik Vardanyan, welcoming the participants, introduced ASUE  Faculty  staff  and collaborators  to Peter Nijkamp,  and mentioned  that the  professor’s  visit was  important, as the  discussed  topic was  essential, in addition,  a  cooperation was created between the scholars. The  Vice-Rector  presented research-scientific  activity  at  the  University, noting  that  its recent period was quite effective.

Peter Nijkamp  mentioned  that he had  conducted  meetings  at a  number of  Armenian Universities and  the  regular  meeting  was  at Armenian State  University of  Economics.

Peter  Nijkamp  said  that  the  meeting aimed  to exchange experience, he  highlighted the  cooperation between scholars from  different countries  and  their  effective communication. He  mentioned; “Many countries have great scientific potential, which, however, do not always manage to be used. Our mission is to help scientists to efficiently organize, to share professional expertise, to create a favorable business environment”.

Vice-Rector Vardanyan mentioned  that there were cooperation prospects.

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