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Olympiad  for University students and graduates wishing to apply  for  Master Degree Program was  held today at ASUE (N315 auditorium), organized by the RF National Research University Higher  School of  Economics.  Participants performed tasks in different directions: Management, Business Informatics, Applied Mathematics, Applied Political Science,  State  and Municipal Management, Software Engineering, Demography, International Relations, Information Technology, Mathematical Methods of Economic Analysis, Finance and Credit, Global Economics, Strategic Management of Logistics, Advertising and Public Relations, and etc.

In the  interview  with  ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division the coordinator  of Armenian projects  of Higher  School of  Economics  Nona Mirzakhanyan mentioned  that this  Olympiad  had  been  held in Armenia since 2010, that is for the 4th time and enabled the  participants,  with high  progress, to  continue their education in free  system of  Higher  School of  Economics  without  entrance examinations.

There  are  students from Armenian-Slavonic University, Armenian State  University  of  Economics, ASUE  Gyumri  Branch, Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction, Vanadzor State Pedagogical Institute among the  registered ones.  We  wish everybody good  luck  and want  to  inform  that those who  don’t  register  good  results, will  be  enable to participate  in open  contest”; said  Nona Mirzakhanyan  and  added  that the  results  would  be  known in a  month, there  would  be  an opportunity to appeal.

We talked with two of the students before  the Olympiad started. Student  at  the  Department  of   Marketing  and  Business  Management Margarita  Mesropyan  mentioned that she had  learned  about  the  Olympiad from  the  University  Foreign  Relations Division  and was  glad to demonstrate her  knowledge  in Marketing  Research  and  Advertising in the  Modern Business directions.

Student at  the  Department  of  Management   Sergey Petrosyan  applied to State and Municipal Management direction  and  expressed  hope that in case  of  success he  would  have a good  opportunity  to exchange experience, to  conduct research work.

ASUE Vice-Rector of  Science  and  International Relations, Professor  Gagik Vardanyan considered  the Olympiad  to be the best  way  of  self-cognition for  the students, and in particular, this  Olympiad, held  by Higher  School of  Economics,  enables talented and highly motivated students  to be identified  and  provided free  education  in  Master Degree  Program.

“This measure  is  one  of  the  first  steps of  the  cooperation between  ASUE  and Higher  School of  Economics. Our  University  delegation reached an agreement  regarding lecturers’ research work during  its  visit to Moscow. Taking  into  account the  achievements  of  this research  University  aimed to  carry  out projects,  we  hope that the  cooperation will contribute  to intellectual growth, new teaching technologies, in the result of  which the  students will  benefit”; said  Gagik  Vardanyan.

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