ASUE Auditoriums are Furnished with Interactive Blackboards and Projectors

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The activities aimed at supporting educational process and providing technological support at ASUE are  ongoing.  There are 5 auditoriums with interactive blackboards at our University recently and their number is 10 today. And the number of auditoriums with projectors has reached 29.

Samvel Hovhannisyan, Head of ASUE  Center  of  Information Technology, presented the technical capabilities and equipment of the new auditoriums.

An interactive blackboard is designed to reflect the desktop image on the surface of the electronic board with the projector, that’s, it is used with a computer and a projector. It is noteworthy that electronic boards can simultaneously recognize a few fingers or marks. Each electronic board has its own software, with the help of which you can perform various work, starting with simple painting, ending with multi-page lessons and presentations.



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