The Features of Financial Institutions were Discussed During the Scientific Seminar

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ASUE Chair of Banking and Insurance today presented a scientific seminar on the following topic “ The Increase of Efficiency of the RA Financial Institutes (banks, insurance companies) and Financial Mediation as a Condition of Economic Growth Insurance”. Gayane Harutyunyan and Hayk Bejanyan, PhDs in Economics presented their research in the presence of Gagik Vardanyan, Vice-rector of Science and International Relations,  Khoren Mkhitaryan, Head of Science and PhD Devision, Anna Aslanyan, the Chair of Banking and Insurance, as well as other Faculty members and students respectively on the following topics; “ Possibilities of Support of Financial Stability of the RA Insurance Companies” and “The Impact of Bank Interest-rate on Economic Growth”. 

Gagik Vardanyan, Vice-rector of Science and International Relations, in his welcome speech emphasized the importance  of holding such kind of scientific seminars and the necessity of making public scientific results in the context of institutional capacity building.

Anna Aslanyan reasoned the relevance of the topic and gave the floor to the young scientists.

The report of Gayane Harutyunyan was based on the features of the RA Insurance companies. She elaborated the financial stability of the companies and the issues of risk management. 

At the end of the presentation the interest of the audience was mainly about the question if insurance companies of the RA are developing and if there is any prospective of that, in response to which  she reasoned that the financial sector is growing.

Hayk Bejanyan clarified the connection between bank interest-rate and economic growth. Speaking about the international experience he mentioned about some specific cases of the USA and Japan, where in the presence low interest-rates economic growth was not noted. Talking about Armenia he presented what kind of interest-rate regulatory policy is needed for the economic growth. Later on he responded to the questions of the audience.


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