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The  Chair  of   Environmental Economics headed  by  Suren Gevorgyan  conducted an  “Open Class” within the  framework  of  “Environmental Ethics”  course, George Deacon from Armavir episcopate  was invited to hold the  class.  The  Vice-Rector  of  Science  and  International  Relations  Gagik  Vardanyan,  lecturers,  students  attended  the  class.

“Our  profession  starts  with “The homeland starts from the Nnature”   heading.   The 1st  year  students  study “Environmental Ethics”  course,  which  develops and  strengthens students’  environmental consciousness, environmental ethics  and environmental  culture”; said Suren Gevorgyan.

George Deacon  mentioned  that the  Chair’s initiative was  commendable,  then conducted  the lecture devoted  to  man-nature relationship.  He  said that  the  God  had  created  the Nature  and   called  the  man as a  defender  not  to act  ruthless  toward  nature, to  destroy,  but  protect  and  enrich  it.

“Love  the Nature, as  loving  like  you”: this  was  the Deacon’s  advice  to the  students.

At  the  end  of the  lesson  George Deacon  answered  the  students’  questions.  The  latters  mentioned that  the  conducted  lesson  was very  interesting  and  useful.

ASUE  Vice-Rector  of  Science  and  International  Relations  Gagik  Vardanyan summarized  the  lesson,  stressing: “The Nature is  the kingdom of  the God,  where  we  are  guests  and  it’s  very  important how  we  treat  ourselves  in that  kingdom”. Once again, urging  to  care  about  the  Nature,  the  Vice-Rector  welcomed  the  initiative  and  highlighted  its continuity.

“Participation in “Open  classes”  is  very  important  for  us,  students, as first  of  all  they  raise  our  intellectual  level.   This  lecture  taught us to love and to save the Nature "; said the 1st  year  student  of  Environmental Economics  specialty  Sevak Kyureghyan.

“Students should  realize  the  role  of  the  specialty  they  choose: environmental education, discipline, consciousness  and, in general, ecological culture  are  very  important  in this  context.  A  number  of  countries  all  over  the  world, where there is a consciousness of responsibility towards the Nature  have  great  success  in terms  of  environmental quality, using more effective ways of  resource”;  outlined  Suren  Gevorgyan.


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