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On February 21  “Haykyan” award-giving ceremony established by the Youth Foundation of Armenia  took  place  at  the Yerevan State Chamber Theatre,  which  was  attended  by  the  RA  President  Serzh Sargsyan.

Besides the traditional nominations, special prizes delivered to the winners by Serzh Sargsyan were also established.  The  official  website  of  the  RA  President  informs about  this  and  also  mentions; “President Serzh Sargsyan congratulated all the participants, welcomed and stressed the importance of this initiative organized by the Youth Foundation of Armenia, because, according to the President, it directs youth energy and the flame of their souls to positive activities and makes them to have a share in our state’s progress. Noting that any award-giving ceremony, competition and contest give the young men a good opportunity to stand out from their peers, be the first, the best in this or that field, the President wished the young men recurrent success and prizes”.

This year, besides the symbolic statue, the “Haykyan” prize winners were also delivered the Armenian “Armtab” planshets.

Traditional nominations, special prizes:

1.“The Original project”- "Glance" festival of short films made by Armenian National Youth Council

2.“The best patriotic military  project”- School  for  Young  Leaders,  “Military  training club”  project,

3.“The best scientific achievement”-Vahram Ghazaryan,

4.“The best youth report”- David Davidyan for broadcasting "On the border of War and Peace" on ArmNews,

5."The best interuniversity program" won Armenian Youth Movement NGO for "know your national heroes" project,

6.“The best student project”-The  Student  Council  of  Armenian National Agrarian  University”, “Golden spike”  annual award-giving  ceremony,

7.“The best regional student self-governing body”-Student  Council of  YSU  Ijevan  Branch,

8.“The  best student self-governing body”-ASUE  student  council,

9. "The best youth NGO in Yerevan"- Diaspora Student Council NGO,

10. “The best youth NGO in region”- “Geghama Regional Youth Association” NGO

Six special  prizes

1. Armine Kalinina for music concert series of Komitas,

2.the AIESEC association of students and young professional of Economics and Management for organizing an international conference for Leadership Development,

3.Netherland Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy-ն (NIMD) as the best partnership international organization for youth,

4.the teacher of Mathematics and Physics of the school of Kopti village Gevorg Gevorgyan for his patriotic job, for educating children of boundary village,

5.TUMO creative technology center for implementing large-scale programs among youth,

6."Non-State university Student Center" NGO for "I want to live" program against abortion depending on the sex of fetal

It’s  already  3rd  year  that  ASUE  Student  Council becomes the winner of the "The  best student self-governing body" nomination.

ASUE  Rector, Professor  Koryun Atoyan  congratulated  ASUE  Student  Council   during  today’s  Rectorate  Board’s  session  and  wished new  achievements.

The  photos  are  taken  from  the  official  websites of  the  RA  President,  Youth  Foundation of  Armenia.

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