English Lectures by the Professors of the UEFA University, Geneva

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The interaction between Armenian State University of Economics and the Swiss UMEF University is expanding: in addition to the implementation of the “Business Management” joint Master’s degree program, the professors of the Swiss University will hold open lectures for ASUE students, which is  initiated  by Khoren Mkhitaryan, Head of Science  and PhD Division, coordinator  of the  mentioned  Master’s degree program.

The lectures launched today: Sun Edward Ph.D.  held  a lecture  on “Global Trends in Electronic Finance, Electronic Payments and Statistical Database”, who currently teaches “Corporate Finance” to the Master's degree program students.

The  meeting was attended  by Gagik Vardanyan, Vice Rector  of  Science  and  International Relations, Khoren Mkhitaryan, Heads  of  scientific-educational laboratories, the Chairs  and  Heads  of administrative divisions, representatives of Faculty staff, students.

Gagik Vardanyan highly evaluated  the cooperation with UMEF University and informed that the Swiss University professors will soon conduct free English language courses in ASUE senior courses aimed  at improving learners' linguistic level.

During the lecture, Sun Edward stressed that technological innovation launches new financial challenges by transforming the functions of financial institutions, in some cases reducing their role. The professor characterized the modern financial system, the way of its development after the emergence of the Internet, drew special attention to peculiarities of electronic finance, online payments and online trading, and observed the risks. Sun Edward answered the attendees’ questions.

Khoren Mkhitaryan expressed hope that these lectures will provide ASUE students with modern knowledge, simultaneously developing the knowledge of economic English.

“The methods of teaching are different in abroad, the practical part is  more, so it is important from this point of view that our students get acquainted with foreign educational practice through the lecturers  held  by invited professors”; stated Khoren Mkhitaryan.


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