Representatives of the Chair of Managerial Accounting and Auditing Gave Scientific Reports

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Today, the  Chair  of  Managerial Accounting  conducted  a scientific seminar on “Analysis of Financial and Economic Risks”  and “Managerial Accounting”. The speakers are Vahan Babayan, Associate Professor  of the Chair, PhD in Economics, Liana Grigoryan, the Chair, Doctor of Sciences, Associate Professor  and Aida Sardaryan, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor.

Gagik Vardanyan, Vice Rector  of Science  and  International Relations, Khoren Mkhitaryan, Head of Science  and PhD  Division,  Mary Badalyan, Dean of the  Department of Accounting and Auditing, representatives of Faculty staff, employees, students  attended  the  scientific seminar.

Liana Grigoryan expressed happiness for a new initiative on holding scientific seminars, noting that scientific activity in the recent period was unprecedented at ASUE.

Doctor of Sciences highly appreciated the steps of the University Leadership  in terms of the use of scientific potential.

Vahan Babayan presented “Financial Risk Management” explaining the  essence  of the concept of the  risk, financial risk  and  then via  the example  of  ASUE presented the  system of risk management  and  its peculiarities through the  diagram.

In the  context  of risk management Liana Grigoryan referred  to key features and  issues  of risk  management  in pharmaceuticals, drinks, textiles and knitwear production, as well as the  need and  opportunity to develop new methods in risk management.

Aida Sardaryan reported  on issues  of managerial accounting, internal control and operational audit, suggested ways to resolve them.


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