Seminar on Urgent Issues of Public Administration

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Today, the  Chair  of  Management  discussed “Priorities for Raising Public Management Efficiency in the Republic of Armenia” (within the  frames  of chair scientific  seminars). This is the contractual topic of scientific and scientific-technical activities funded by the State Committee of Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia, which is  carried  out  by Ruben Hayrapetyan, Associate Professor of the  Cahir of Management, PhD in Economics, Sargis Asatryants, Assistant Professor, PhD in Economics, Mariana Kocharyan, Assistant Professor, Vardan Sargsyan, the  Chair  of Economic Computer Science and Information Systems, Professor, Doctor  of Sciences, supervised  by Yuri Suvaryan, Doctor  of  Economics, Professor, Academician of  the  RA NAS.

The  seminar  is  attended  by Khoren Mkhitaryan, Head of  Science  and  PhD Division,  lecturers of the  Chair, PhDs and   students.

Before  the reporters would  start Yuri  Suvaryan  noted  that the  participants  of the research  topic had periodically presented the  done  work and  conducted  discussion, and  they  have been working effectively since now.

Sargis  Asatryants presented the  Armenian practice  of public administration via  the  example  of three Republics, constitutional foundations of parliamentary governance, the international practice of the parliamentary model via the  example  of Italy, Israel  and  German, referred  to our country, peculiarities of introduction of this model in modern times.

Ruben Hayrapetyan analyzed the  current situation of local self-government system in Armenia  and reforming effect  of enlargement process of local self-government bodies in terms of  public  administration, noting that the concept of enlargement of communities can have a positive and promising effect.

Vardan Sargsyan focused attention on theory and practice, modern tools, their  effectiveness of e-governance,  presented the consecutive stages  and mobility of investment.

After discussion the topic supervisor Yuri Suvaryan gave assignments to researchers and made recommendations, noting that theoretical provisions of the completed research carried  out by our University scientists should increase public administration efficiency in our  country.


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