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The  regular  session of  ASUE  Rectorate  took  place  today,  Koryun Atoyan  started it  with  a pleasant  ceremony.    The Rector    awarded  Lentush  Ghalumyan,  an  Associate  Professor  in  ASUE  Chair  of  Financial markets and institutions, with  ASUE  Gold  Medal  for  the  significant contribution  in  development of  economy  and  preparing  economists.

P.S. Koryun Atoyan  congratulated the  University's  distinguished  lecturer  Lendush  Ghalumyan  on the 85th  anniversary,  and  handed  a  congratulated  message  on October  5  during  ASUE  Scientific  Council’s  session.

The  Deans    reported    about  the  process  of    collecting  tuition fees,  then   Armen  Karakhanyan, the  Head  of  Educational-Organizational  Division,  summarized  the  results  of  exams  organized  for  the  students  who  weren’t  present  in  the  1st  and  2nd  winding-ups  of  the  2011-2012  academic  year’s  second  semester.  He  also  presented  the   schedule    of   the  exams  of  the  1st-5th  courses  of  part-time education,   winding-ups  and  the  trainings  of  the  1st  semester  of  the  2012-2013  academic year, as  well  as  the schedule  of  intermediate and final  exams  of the   1st-4th  courses  of  full-time  Bachelor  Program,   full-time and  part-time  Master  programs.  The  Head  of  the  Division will  present  the  mentioned  schedule recently,  which  we  will  post  in the  website,  dear  students.

Current  issues  were discussed  during  the  Rectorate  session.

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