Establishment of Nominal Scholarships, Jubilee Congratulation and Other Issues at Today’s Rectorate Board’s Session

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Today’s Rectorate Board session was  full: besides the  agenda  issues there was jubilee. Koryun Atoyan, ASUE Rector, Professor congratulated the 70th anniversary of Harutyun Papoyan, Associate Professor of the Chair of Commerce  and Business Organization, PhD in Economics.

“I  warmly congratulate  You for  Your cherished, creative approach and diligent work, and wish You many years of work in our collective to make Your contribution to the education and upbringing of the younger generation, which You have done over the past 30 years”; stated  Koryun Atoyan and awarded  the congratulatory message. The  Jubilee expressed  gratitude to the Rectorate Board for such an attitude.

The Deans reported the first issue of  agenda, summing up the results  of exams for the  second half  of the 2016-2017 academic year. Mihrdat Harutyunyan, Vice Rector  of Educational Organizational Matters,  submitted rotation outcomes  of  the 2017-2018 academic year to Rectorate Board’s approval. Then the Vice Rector submitted for approval the  proposal of Mandate Committee to allocate nominal scholarships for  the 1st half of the 2017-2018 academic year, stating that the issue  was  discussed at Chairs, Department Councils, then mandate committees. The  list, which is  presented  below, was approved:

1.Mane Danielyan – the 3rd year student, Department of Management, /nominal scholarship after Z. Bashinjaghyan /,

2.Mary Ohanyan – the 3rd year student, Department of Finance, /nominal scholarship after H. Tumanyan/,

3.Suren Minasyan – the 4th year student, Department of Regulation of Economy 
and International Economic Rеlations, /nominal scholarship after M. Kotanyan/,

4.Anie Khachatryan – the 4th year student, Department of Marketing and Business Organization, /nominal scholarship after V. Nerkararyan/,

5.Armen Mkrtchyan – the 4th year student, Department of Computer Science and Statistics, /nominal scholarship after A. Arzumanyan/,

6.Zepyur Alexanyan – the 4th year student, Department of Accounting and Auditing, /nominal scholarship after K. Karagyan/,

7.Sona Voskanyan – the 3rd year student, Department of Accounting and Auditing, /University Student Council’s scholarship/.

Rectorate Board  also approved  the schedule of  retaken exams for  the  students,  who  have 12 academic credits debts, which is  available atի-գիտություն-ուսանողների-3397.

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