Russian Language Manual For Financial Specialties

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The  Chair of Languages at  ASUE  draws  attention on preparing professional manuals  for teaching languages, and new edition is regularly put on student’s table.

Still at the beginning of the previous academic year – 2016, “Russian Language Manual” (for  students of Department of Finance) was published co-authored by Associate Professor of the  Chair  of  Languages Lida Tonoyan, lecturers Marine Grigoryan  and Shoghakat Harutyunyan, which was printed by ASUE Scientific Boart’s guarantee.

This manual is aimed at the support of developing skills and abilities in reading economic literacy, understanding the content of the reading, writing or verbal reproductions, Russian as a professional language. It is designed for several specializations of the Department of Finance - Finance, Security Market Analysis  and  Management, Insurance, Banking, Customs.

It is noteworthy, that the Russian-language magazine of National Institute of Education “The Russian Language in Armenia” referred  to the book authored by our partners in its 2 issues - 2nd  and 3rd  editions of this year.

Lida  Tonoyan  noted,  that  the publication of Russian manuals  is ongoing and  the serial one is  getting ready for  publication at this moment for students of part-time study, which is  co-authored by Gayane Vardapetyan, Ruzanna Harutyunyan, Armine Gasparyan.

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