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The  solemn ceremony  of handing  diplomas to  the  graduates  took place  in  ASUE Yeghegnadzor  Branch today, at 18:00p.m..  26  graduates  got  graduate diplomas of Bachelor Degree.   We  present  Koryun Atoyan’s congratulation speech  directed  to  the   graduates of ASUE Yeghegnadzor  Branch:

Dear  graduates  of Armenian State University of Economics,

Today is a symbolic  day  as we see  off  the  first  graduates  of the Branch. We are  happy and  proud to  record  the  reality  of  leaving the  first  graduates  of the  Branch and we are sure  that  you  enter the  new stage  of  your  life  armed with  knowledge.

The previous years were important for you, as they were years of acquiring knowledge and specializing.  The  previous  years  have been   responsible  years  for us  also, as  you are the  first  graduates of  ASUE Yeghegnadzor  Branch.  The  development of the  University’s  Branch, the improvment of  the quality of education  are  also  the  statagies  of  our  goals,  for of which  enough efforts  have been  made  and will  be  still made.  I hope that  the  educational  years have  justified  your  expectations  and  you  have  got  the  knowledge  you  need for  your  profession.

Dear  graduates, I  congratualte  you, wish  all the  best,  professional and  personal success. Wish you  find  your  place  in  labor  market and  become a  demanded  specialist  by the  knowledge  got  in our University.  Especially,  I  give an importance, that  you  work in your  region and   contribute the  development  of  the  region substructures  with  your  knowledge. 

Don’t  forget  to  keep  the  tradition of  contact  with the  University.

Good luck to you , dear graduates.

Koryun Atoyan,  ASUE Rector