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The atmosphere was so  bright in all  Departments today.  The  Bachelor-program students  got their  graduate diplomas.  The  ceremony began at 11:00a.m.  in all Departments  of ASUE.

The  graduates of the Department of Management gathered  in ASUE Ceremony Hall. “Today  we are all  excited.  Seeing you so happy  and  glad, we are  proud,  because  we  see  inside  you  the  result  of  our  work done  during  four  years.  I wish these diplomas to become the  landmark of  new  life and progress”, said  Samvel Grigoryan,   the Vice-dean of the  Department, congratulating the  graduates.

Miqaley  Tavadyan, new  Dean of the Department,   congratulating the  graduates, said the diploma was  a victory  that gave an opportunity  to  win  heights  and  never   to  be  satisfied with the achievements.

Then Miqayel Tavadyan and Samvel Grigoryan     handed  the diplomas to the graduates.

Ashot Matevosyan, the  Dean of the Department of Accounting and Audit, appreciated highly the  handing  ceremony of diplomas and  congratulated the  graduates.

Tatul Mkrtcyan, the Dean of the Department of Marketing and Business Management, congratulating the graduates, wished the diplomas to have  an important  role in graduates’  lives. The  Heads of the Chairs  congratulated and  wished  success to the graduates.

Sergey Suqiasyan, the Dean of the  Department of  Finance,  the Heads of the Chairs: Ashot Salnazaryan,  Suren Poghosyan and Professor: Lukash Badanyan,  congratulated  the  graduates.

Note,  that ASUE has  1871  graduates   in the 2011-2012  academic year.

P.S. The  ceremony  is  going on. All  graduates  are  invited to “Aram Khachatryan” concert hall  to  take part in  a magnificent  ceremony  at 18:00p.m..