Meeting with Art: Painter Rudik Petrosyan was Hosted at ASUE (photos)

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Rudik Petrosyan, famous painter, living in New York, is in Armenia on the Independence Days of the  Republic of Armenia and Republic or Artsakh. He  will present his  canvas both in  Artsakh  and Armenia soon.

The  meeting with the painter was initiated by Tigran Nikoghosyan, writer, publicist, Chief  Editor of “Hayastan” magazine and was supported  by ASUE  Rector Koryun Atoyan.

Koryun Atoyan, Rector, Professor, Paruir Kalantaryan, Vice Rector of Educational Methodological Matters, representatives  of Faculty staff, employees, students, hosted  the painter at ASUE Big Hall. Hrant Tadevosyan, the RA People’s Painter, Mkrtich Minasyan, state-political figure, advisor to NA Speaker, Karlen Avetisyan, representative  of the  Republic  of Artsakh in the RA, Kristine Ohanjanyan, Head of the Armenian Representation of Academy of Natural Sciences in Europe, were  among  the  guests.

Koryun Atoyan welcomed  the measure  attendees, underlining that at the beginning of the new academic year the guest at our  University is not an economist, political or public figure, but a person who speaks the language of colors.

Even a look can fill your heart with delight that we have an artist who is silent in his work, but he does much more with his canvas, making visible and accessible the fragrances and colors, pain and pride of his birthplace to the World”; stated Koryun Atoyan, then evaluating  Rudik Petrosyan’s creative way.

Tigran Nikoghosyan also  made a welcoming speech. He referred  to Rudik Petrosyan’s  achievements, spoke on his famous canvas  and analyzed their advice.

Hrant Tadevosyan, Mkrtich Minasyan expressed words of gratitude. Kristine Ohanjanyan awarded Rudik Petrosyan  the  medal of Wassily Kandinsky.

The  painter  told  about his creative way in New York, the obstacles on the way of becoming artists and so on.

At the  end  of the  meeting ASUE Rector announced that by the decision of the  University Scientific and  Rectorate’s Boards Rudik Petrosyan was awarded the title of “Honorary Friend of ASUE”, then a  certificate.

Summing up the art measure Koryun Atoyan highlighted the organization of meetings with our renowned artists, noting that they are very important in educating the younger generation comprehensively.







Below we present the canvas  of the  painter:



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