Meeting and Joint Discussion on Employment Issue Within the Frames of “Erasmus +”

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Today, open lecture on “Current Trends of Labor Market Policy in the European Union” was launched at ASUE Center for International Programs, which  was conducted  by Ewa Rollnik-Sadowska /arrived to ASUE within the  frames  of “Erasmus +” program/, Dean of Economics Faculty of Bialystok University of Technology  (Poland), Doctor of Sciences /Economics/.

The measure was attended  by the Faculty  staff  and  employees  of the  Chair of Labor  Economics headed  by  Martiros Petrosyan, the  Chair, Doctor of Sciences /Economics/, Professor, Vard Ghukasyan, Head of Foreign Relations Division and Margarit Marukyan, Senior Specialist of the  same Division, Master’s Degree  students.

Gagik Vardanyan, Vice Rector of Science  and International Relations, Doctor  of Sciences /Economics/, Professor, introduced the  guest, referring to history, culture, economic life of Poland, recalling his first youth acquaintance with that country and highlighting the ongoing cooperation.

Martiros Petrosyan welcomed  the guests  and attendees, stating that many of the scientists at the Chair headed by him and Ewa Rollnik-Sadowska's interests in employment and unemployment  match and  then stressed, that everyone expects a lively discussion and exchange of ideas from the meeting.

First, Ewa Rollnik-Sadowska introduced her country, Bialystok University of Technology, its structure, educational process, education, and then moved to the EU employment policy and presented the best practice of the EU's leading countries.

Martiros Petrosyna  reported on “Ways of Reducing Unemployment and Poverty in the RA”, revealing the picture and problems of employment in the Republic of Armenia according to regions. Anahit Melkumyan, Professor  of the Chair  of Labor Economics, Doctor  of Sciences, made clarifications around the topic.  An active and interesting discussion was held.

Tomorrow, Ewa Rollnik-Sadowska will  deliver a lecture  for ASUE  students at ASUE  Center for International Programs, at 14:00.

The measure was organized by ASUE Foreign Relations Division.


ASUE Media and Public Relations Division 

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