Representatives of the Chair of IER Delivered Lectures at Foreign Universities

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Diana Galoyan, Chair of International Economic Relations, Doctor of Sciences /Economics/, Associate Professor   and Susanna Aghajanyan, Assistant Professor, PhD in Economics have delivered lectures at European Universities in April-May within “Erasmus +” program.

Diana Galoyan delivered lectures on “The Prospects of the Formation of the Currency Union within the EU”,  “Comparative Analysis of the EU-EAEU” at Athens University of Economics and Business, (Greece) on May 8-12.

Susanna Aghajanyan delivered lectures on “Competitiveness of the RA Economy” and “Foreign Trade of the RA” at Poznan University of Economics and Business (Poland) on April 23-30.

 ASUE  delegate presented to the audience the videos about our University, as well as about Armenia. “Especially the students of the international group were interested in tourism development opportunities in Armenia, the existing problems in the field. They wanted to get acquainted with the sights of our country, which are in the center of attention of tourists”; stated the Assistant Professor.

Today, the  program participants presented the  main outcomes  of their  visits during the  session of the Chair:  presenting the best practices of foreign Universities and making recommendations to localize them.

Diana Galoyan suggests to carry out a pilot curriculum: making the workshop format more practical.

Susanan Aghajanyan noted that  Polish lecturers have developed a concept of using intellectual property outcomes, which regulates the relationship between the author and the user, and  today she presented  this  practice and localization opportunities at ASUE.  Susanna  Aghajanyan also informed  that she had passed a professional training in France on June 5-9, 2017: attending training course on “Product Development and Management” conducted by “Pebeo” company, and  was awarded a diploma.

P.S. ASUE Foreign Relations Division is the coordinator of “Erasmus +” program at ASUE.

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