ASUE Associate Professor at Bialystok University of Technology, Poland

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Lusine Karapetyan, Associate Professor  of the  Chair  of Labor Economics, was  hosted  at Bialystok University of Technology, Poland, from May 13-19 within the  frames  of EU “Erasmus +” program, delivered lectures  for Master’s degree  students, attended measures on “International Training Week”.

Associate Professor  told ASUE Media  and Public Relations Division that she had delivered lectures on “Methodical Bases of Different Models of the  Pension System and Their Financial Issues” for  Master’s degree students, particularly,  focused on directions of pension reforms, the essence and the characteristics of models of pensions - the  stated pensions and the  stated payments (pension reforms in Germany, Chile, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia), comparative description of the multilevel pension system in Poland and Armenia, typical risks of funded pension component, payment types  of the funded pension, State guarantees allocated within frames  of multilevel pension system.

Associate Professor listened to lectures, participated  in discussions within the  frames  of International Training Week”. The  measure  was  attended by representatives  of 32 Universities from 25 countries. Our  representative presented interesting video telling about Armenia, ASUE. ASUE  Associate Professor  has gained agreement with Universities  of a  number of countries, in order to start scientific cooperation.

During the session of the  Chair  held on May 29, Lusine Karapetyan reported on the outcomes  of exchange of experience gained during the visit.

By the  way,  ASUE professor  met ASUE student Marine Alexanyan  at Bialystok University of Technology.  Lusine Krapetyan noted with pleasure that our students make a positive impression round them.

P.S. ASUE  Foreign Relations Division coordinates “Erasmus +” program.


ASUE Media and Public Relations Division 

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