Exchange of Experience Within Frames of ESPAQ Program

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On April 3-6, meeting and  round table discussions were conducted with the representatives of EU TEMPUS Enhancing Students Participation in Quality Assurance in Armenian HE (ESPAQ) Armenian partner Universities in University of Macerata, Italy, in order to discuss quality assurance processes in involvement of students in exchange and dissemination of European experience.

Anna Pakhlyan, Senior specialist of Quality Assurance Division, Assistant Professor at the  Chair of International Economic Relations, PhD in Economics, presented  ASUE experience  of involving students in quality assurance processes.

Anna  Pakhlyan  mentioned  that University of Macerata was  founded in 1290 and is one of the oldest Universities in Europe (more  information- Quality assurance  system in University of Macerate, management of quality of services provided to students in distance learning programs,  experience of evaluating research in  various quality assurance systems and etc. were discussed during the meetings.

On April 6, Armenian delegation attended “International Seminars’ Week” final conference conducted by University of Macerate, where among the representatives  of the World prestigious Universities from different countries (Sweden, Scotland, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Slovenia, etc.) the ones of  our University had an opportunity to introduce Armenia and Armenian University system.

On March 20-23, Maria Petrosyan and Ani Baghdasaryan, Leading Specialists of ASUE Quality Assurance Division, attended working meeting of ESPAQ and the International Delegates’ Day and International Conference conducted  by  Student Partnerships in Quality Scotland - sparqs in Edinburgh (Scotland).

During the two-day workshop discussed were current activities and already achieved results of the program. Particularly, summarized were the activities of Work package 4, which is under the responsibility of Armenian State University of Economics. Presented were the working plans of the Work package 5 and Work package 8 and defined were the further steps of the program. In the frames of “Development of the capabilities of students’ unions in the enhancement of students participation in quality assurance” it is designed to implement exchange of students, mutual  visits of responsible people and employees of quality assurance and elaborate student’s manual for the improvement of study experience. Work package 8, which is aimed at the ensuring of sustainability of results, plans to create National Centre for students` excellence.

On international delegates’ day students, experts and employees of quality assurance of different countries were hosted at Stirling University of Scotland, where the members of Student units represented the international experience of their Universities in the involvement of students in quality assurance processes. The international workshop held the name “The impact of student’s voice on quality assurance” or “The role of students in quality assurance”.

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