Koryun Atoyan's Congratulatory Message on April 7

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ASUE  women employees, students,

Koryun Atoyan, ASUE Rector, Professor, congratulates on Motherhood and Beauty Day, which is  presented below:

Dear women, Mothers, sisters,

I warmly congratulate you on Motherhood and Beauty Day, wish  you  health, happiness, great moments  of maternal joy.

April 7  is  celebrated as Motherhood and Beauty in Armenia since 1995, adding just another  day  in the  calendar for praising our Mothers, expressing our gratitude to them.

Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates St. Mary's Annunciation Day every year on April 7, which supplements the  meaning,  which our  people  put on bases of the love, respect  and veneration to Mothers.

“The  nations’ fate should be looked for in Mothers’ hands” – Garegin Ndzdeh. These words  are  always up-to-date, as the role of Mothers is  always  the  key for strengthening our families, our country. Hence, dear ladies, dear Mothers, I wish you health, happiness, feminine and maternal happiness.


Koryun Atoyan, ASUE Rector

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