Lecture by Romanian Professor

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Anton Sorin, Professor from Alexandru Ioan Cuza University (Romania), is  hosted at ASUE within the  frames  of “Erasmus +” program. Yesterday, he took a tour around ASUE, got acquainted with “AMBERD” Research Center, Library, University substructures.

Today, the Professor delivered  a lecture  on “Financing New Ventures”. The  meeting was organized  by ASUE  Foreign Relations Division, and  was attended  by members  of Faculty  staff, students  of different Departments.

In the  context of fundamentals of entrepreneurship the  speaker  focused  attention on  the main features of entrepreneurship, observed the sustainable  development and financial methods of the company, clarified the  role of entrepreneurial financing,  issues referring  to financing venture companies. The  lecture  was full of illustrative examples, questions and answers.

Foreign Relations  Division informs that Alexandru Ioan Cuza University is one of ASUE first partners since the  membership to “Erasmus +”, and  our students had an one-semester-study  in the  Romanian University.

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