ASUE Lecturers Visited High School

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Within the  frames  of cooperation program between ASUE  and High Schools, the Director of the mentioned program Lusine Karagulyan  and the responsible for the Department of Finance, Candidate in Economics Lusine  Harutyunyan visited Yerevan N43 High School after Grigor Zohrap and met the 10th-12th  form pupils. The  measure  was also attended by the School Director Manyak Azizyan.

Our representatives presented University life, specialists, referred to admission process and regulations.

In the interview with Media  and Public Relations  Division Lusine Karagulyan mentioned  that the cooperation with high schools will be strengthen by various measures. “We have planned a mutual visits for pupils of economic stream, in order to get acquainted with the University, to establish relations between Student and Pupil Councils”; Lusine Karagulyan said and added that the pupils were interested in Marketing, Tourism specialties and expressed desire to attend lectures on these topics.

ASUE Media  and  Public Relations Division 

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