U.S. Ambassador to Armenia was Hosted at ASUE

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Today, by ASUE Rector, Doctor in Economics, Professor Koryun Atoyan’s  invitation  and ASUE Foreign Relations’ initiative, Ambassador Richard M. Mills, Jr., visited  ASUE.  University Rector hosted the Ambassador in his office, after  which they  visited ASUE  computer auditoriums, Library, became familiar  to  activities of the book fund digitization.

A meeting  with ASUE Faculty staff  and students  was held at International Programs Center. In his welcoming speech ASUE Rector Koryun Atoyan, on behalf  of the University Faculty staff  and  students, expressed gratitude to U.S. Ambassador to Armenia for not rejecting the invitation  to  visit  our University.

“It’s great honor for us to listen to Your speech. Armenian State University including the  Branches are actively involved in programs funded by the U.S. Government. I want to thank the United States Government for this opportunity. Such  programs  enable us  to exchange experience, to confirm inter-university relations, to  invest American experience in our University”; mentioned the Rector.

U.S. Ambassador to Armenia Richard M. Mills, Jr. thanked for the invitation and  expressed  satisfaction for the partnership with ASUE.

Ambassador Mills spoke about the foreign policy challenges facing the international community. “As students and Armenia’s future leaders, I am sure you have reflected on the complexity of the challenges – political, economic, demographic, climactic, and others – that face our world.  These challenges are more diverse and complicated than any we have faced previously, and if left unaddressed, can darken our collective future,” he said. He noted that while the U.S. is deeply engaged in more locations around the world on more critical issues than ever before, it is not acting alone. “We do so in partnership with our friends and allies around the world, such as Armenia, finding courage and resolve in collective action,” Ambassador Mills said.

As the United States – and indeed, the world – prepares for the democratic transition to the new administration in January, Ambassador Mills reflected on some of the foreign policy successes and challenges that have faced the Obama administration. He touched on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, agreements and actions taken to protect the environment, the global coalition fighting Daesh, international efforts to end the fighting in Syria and protect the civilian population there, and the U.S. promotion of human rights. “We don’t just promote human rights because it is a core part of American values, but because strengthening human rights ensures better lives for everyone and helps bring about peace – the type of real peace that prevails when there are good schools and safe neighborhoods, flourishing businesses and strong civil society, accountable governments and systems of justice that treat people equally under the law,” he said.

After the lecture the Ambassador answered the questions of the attendees.

Summarizing the meeting ASUE Rector thanked  the Ambassador for informative lecture. “Mr. Ambassador we know that the real values can form an educated people, and we are trying to achieve it at the University of Economics”; Koryun Atoyan said and mentioned  that the Ambassador is always an expected guest at ASUE.



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