Jubilee Anniversary at Rectorate Board’s Session: Gagik Chatinyan is 70 Years Old

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Today, another jubilee anniversary  was  market at Rectoarte Board’s session:  Associate Professor of the Chair  of Commerce and Business Organization, Candidate of Economics Gagik Chatinyan is 70 years old.  As a beautiful tradition established in our University ASUE  Rector, Professor  Koryun Atoyan congratulated the  distinguished professor, directed warm  wishes, stressing that Gagik Chatinyan stood on the bases of  founding our  University, was  one of those  creating  the  University history,  was Head of the Chairs of Trade Economy, then Commerce for  many years.

Koryun Atoyan awarded Gagik Chatinyan the congratulatory  message  on behalf of ASUE  Rectorate Board, Faculty staff, employees, students.

ASUE Media  and Public Relations Division 

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