Tuition Fee of 619 Students Has Been Discounted Among Them Participants of April-Four-Day War

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Tuition fee of 619 students has been  discounted.

Today, the Vice Rector on Educational-Organizational Matters Mihrdat Harutyunyan presented  the decree established  by Mandate Commission, which was approved  by the Rectorate Board. 

Head of Educational Division Aghavni Hakobyan mentioned  that  among 619  students 567 are Bachelor’s and 52 are  Master’s students: 56 students  are participants of an April-four-day war.

Deans  reported on the results of the 1st exams of the 3rd year part-time Master’s, and scientific-pedagogical internship of the 2nd year part-time Master’s.

Current issues  were also  discussed.


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