New academic year begins: September 1

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2016-2017 academic  year  begins. Our  University opened its  doors again  and  met Knowledge Day and the beginning of new academic  year.

Students  of different Departments   and, of course,   more  than 900 1st year  students gathered  in the  University yard.

Collaborators of ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division  have  a surprise  for the 1st year  students presenting them editions of “Tntesaget”  magazine.

ASUE  Leadership, Deans, Heads  of Chairs, Faculty staff  were  also  excited to  meet  and  to  educate  new  generation.

ASUE Rector,  Professor Koryun Atoyan congratulated  the freshmen  and assured that the Economic University provides high-quality education, care and warmth, comfort and faith towards a bright future.

“Today all  necessary  conditions have  been  created  for students  educational, scientific, sporting  and  cultural  daily  life, the  University  Leadership, Faculty staff  are  next  to students.

Dear  students,

try  to  use the  University  years for  your  development, formation of professional knowledge and thinking,  continuous  creation of  the  reputation  of  our  University”;  said  Koryun Atoyan.

Then,  the  Deans  led  the  1st  year  students to Departments. The  Heads  of  the  Chairs conducted introductory lectures  for  them.

The  students  of  the  Department  of Computer Science and Statistics  also  met  the  Knowledge Day in a  festive atmosphere,  Manuk Movsisyan,  the  Dean of  the  Deportment,  met  and  welcomed  the 1st  year  students.



ASUE  Media and Public  Relations  Division 

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