New recruitment: comments by the Executive Secretary of the Admission Committee

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After  posting  the  results of the  2016-2017  admission, ASUE  Media  and  Public Relations  Division talked  to Mary Badalyan the  Executive  Secretary  of  ASUE  Admission Committee.

Referring to new  recruitment of  the  University  she  mentioned; “This  year’s  admission also proves  the high reputation of our University. Today  we  have  a full recruitment. On behalf  of  the  Committee  members, I  congratulate  and  welcome  all  our  future  students  and  assure  that they  have  made  a  right  and  prospective  decision  by  choosing  our  University”.

So,  the  Executive  Secretary informed  that the  University  has 919 applicants: 68  free system, 842 paid  system, 9 with privileges.

“The  applicants  who have not got transition points may not to be disappointed, and should  apply to study in part-time system in August” said  Mary  Badalyan  and  expressed  gratitude to  her  colleagues  for  the proper work.

P.S. The  admission  results  of  the 2016-2017  academic  year of Armenian State  University of  Economics are  already  known  and  posted  HERE.

See  the  lists  visiting  ASUE  official  website ( under   Admission sector: “ASUE  Applicant 2016”  and “Bachelor’s degree”.

 ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division 

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