“TNTESAGET” Gives New Year Mood to Everybody

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The festive "Tntesaget" is full of New Year mood from the  first pages: from the cover we  feel   the  holiday, then Koryun Atoyan, ASUE Rector, congratulates the academic staff and students of the University. The Head of University wishes everybody optimism, happiness, united and productive work.

Under the title "Our Childhood New Year" we present the  stories of our young colleagues, how they celebrated New Year, their emotions and unforgettable episodes from the past.

The history of Belgian brand GOODWILL M & G and  the past 30 years are presented under the title "World Brand", thanks to which our New Year's celebrations become colorful, fairy and magical.

New  and  traditional headings are  waiting  for  You.

We  wish  You pleasant reading hours.

The  el-version is  available at http://media.asue.am/upload/tntesaget/2017/TERT_2017.5_compressed.pdf (ASUE official website).

ASUE Media  and Public Relations Division

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