Open Lecture for Future Marketing Specialists

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Today, Haykaz Fanyan, ASUE PhD student, Director of “Modex”  consulting company, held an open lecture entitled “How to Conduct Research? 10 Common Mistakes in Armenia” for future marketing specialists, invited by Vadim Grigoryan, acting Head of the Chair of Marketing, PhD in Economics. Bachelor’s and Master’s students, lecturers of the Chair of Marketing attended the open lecture.
Haykaz Fanyan drew the attention of the attendees on the widespread mistakes that made researchers in the field of marketing. He stopped at the leading universities’ research experience, clarified the methodology, and gave practical advice.
"Conducting research is an important part of marketing, and students have to master the techniques of conducting competent research. In this respect, we have organized an open lecture and hope that future marketing specialists have acquired useful information”; Vadim Grigoryan told ASUE Media and Public Relations Division.
In the second part of the meeting the speaker answered attendees’ questions.

ASUE Media and Public Relations Division